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What's New? — The Ill Community
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    So before I say what I'm about to say, I'm asking humbly to please keep all the Donkey/trolling comments out. This is my first relationship, and this situation is a a very humbling experience I'm learning about myself, and I believe the IC can provide some good advice if this subject matter is taking seriously, because honestly to me it is.

    So basically it's been six months with my lady, we had our ups and downs, but things have definitely progressed well for us. I realised recently that we been less physical and my girl basically finally admitted that I'm a nympho and she feels like a sex object.

    Being raised from NO, sex is something that is super open and casual, it's projected through our culture and our music like bounce music.

    I honestly feel like shit, horrible and I wanna make things right and work on my sex drive and my lust for my girl since she is fine AF in my eyes. Before folks ask, yes I am respectful, romantic, mindful, caring, etc. But her issue with me is that I'm too sexual.

    Is there any good way to calm down sex drives or to decrease lust for a partner? I feel like my sex drive and lust for my girl increases every time I see her. But honestly I don't wanna make her feel like shit, so I'm trying to mature and fix my ways since this my first real relationship.

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  • 07/27/17--05:27: Legend Or No?: Talib Kweli
  • rs-8965-20130109-talib-kweli-624x420-1357758198.jpg

    *For Future Reference I mean universally, not just regionally*

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    GO FUCK UR MOTHER BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got songs 2 sing & dances 2 dance

    i got a life outside of allhiphop, ya know?

    i need 2 go back to my internet dating portfolio

    im goin 2 be making cheap azz movies with expensive ideaz

    like this


    fuck ya life, mothafuckaz!

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    post them shits.

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    Grab some liquor and wings. Keep back and enjoy.

    Oh yeah. Ain't no time stamps. LOL


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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I Sion, of the House Triggerfinger, first of my name, King of the Andals and the first men, Lord of the Ill Community, Protector of the Thread bring to you the Game of Thrones season 7 thread.

    Here's a first look at Season 7

    Anything revolving around season 7 and Game of Thrones will be posted in here. I know it aint coming back until I think Summer of 2017 but I'm just staking my claim until then. See yall in 2017.

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    This is a series where we will list all the sins that a popular individual in Hip Hop has committed. These are just jokes, no need to get overly critical. Let's keep the feels at a minimum.

    Past threads:

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 1: 50 Cent

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 2: Jay Z

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 3: Game

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 4: Diddy

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 5: Drake

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 6: Eminem

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 7: Joe Budden

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 8: Nas

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 9: Charles Hamilton

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 10: Lil Kim

    1. Beefing with the ex-boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend
    2. giphy.gif
    3. Beefing with the one rapper outside of Rick Ross to give him a hit record
    4. Riding bareback on an ATV with another man
    5. Being the embodiment of everything Jay Z thinks is corny, yet being managed by Jay Z
    6. Being known as a battle rapper, then losing a rap battle to a rapper who has never battled
    7. Dodging a fist fight with Game
    8. Jumping Beanie Sigel
    9. Not having an inside voice
    10. Taking the L crown away from Nas, Young Berg, and Tyga.

    What else y'all got?

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  • 07/18/17--17:57: Is hov officially the GROAT?
  • Impact, bars, etc

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    Just trying to get more views and opinions. I already posted in the "post your music thread. But there's not much activity there. We also have a song with Skyzoo that I will be dropping soon. Enjoy and I appreciate ALL feed back, good and bad.

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    Because there are so many versions of the same character between the comics, tv, movies, and games, and because these characters have existed for decades upon decades, many people have different ideas of what the main version of a character looks and behaves like and what stories make the character what he or she really is.

    Simple question: Which is your definitive version of Spiderman?

    This is particularly asking about Peter Parker. Not Spider Woman, Spider Gwen, Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Dr. Octopus in Peter's body, etc... unless one of those is more definitively Spiderman to you... probably not...

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    A Christian just told me this today.

    Christians, does this sort if thinking make you proud? You don't feel embarrassed knowing that your religion requires you to not think logically?

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    One dead and seven hurt when ride called 'The Fireball' started shaking and then broke, throwing people into the air at Ohio State Fair as bystanders screamed at operator to slow it down

    'It started normal, everything started normal, and then it started shaking. It was shaking real bad,' Devray Williams told ABC 6 on Wednesday.

    She said that the girl next to her also started to say her seat was shaking just moments before Devray watched the woman go flying off into the air when the machine snapped.

    An emotional Devray then said through tears: 'And then the dude hit the ground. He wasn't breathing. None of them was, it was like five people. Nobody was breathing and then they came and tried to give him CPR but nothing was happening.'

    The young man who lost his life at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday night had just enlisted in the Marines lat week.

    Tyler Jarrell, 18, of Columbus, Ohio has been identified by the State Highway Patrol as the young man who was killed while riding The Fireball.

    He was thrown into the air when part of the amusement ride snapped and came down with such force that he was killed upon impact.

    The tragedy occurred just five days after Tyler posted a photo to his Facebook page which showed him in a Marines Uniform and holding a plaque that read 'United States Navy' and 'Department of the Marine Core.'

    His decision to enlist meanwhile came a little over a month after he graduated from Franklin Heights High School in Columbus.


    The accident:


    Guy who died:


    His girlfriend (also injured but survived)


    The Kid Who Recorded It:

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    The IC hates Trump

    But the IC is also very much not with that gay shit

    Do you support President Trumps decision?


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    All offseason talk goes in here.

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    And JCole dont count

    He repped NY too much he thinks hes a New Yorker


    cole been baptised in the hudson river hes from ny


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    Had to restart the thread

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    David Goyer the man behind the latest superhero flick “Man of Steel” has hinted towards the possibility of his latest hero Superman teaming up with Batman and the crew for a Justice League film.

    Poyer resumes includes co-writing and assistance on Chirtopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy but states that the caped crusader fans have grown to love would not be appearing in the film.


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  • 06/13/14--11:19: Hip Hop Sins Volume 5: Drake
  • This is a new thread series where we will list all the sins that a popular individual in Hip Hop has committed. These are just jokes, no need to get overly critical. Let's keep the feels at a minimum.

    Past threads:

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 1: 50 Cent

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 2: Jay Z

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 3: Game

    Hip Hop Sins Volume 4: Diddy

    Just to fire one of the top of my head:

    1. Claiming to be the first rapper to rap and sing on the same song as if Lauryn Hill, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and countless other artists don't exist.

    Now I've been kick starting these lists so far, but I'll leave this one to the IC jury.

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  • 07/25/17--08:06: Vol2 vs I am
  • Jay-z vs Nas . Both albums dropped in 1998. It was their 3rd album. Both had similar themes and DMX as a guest star. Both had major hits. Which album was better?

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    On September 14, 2015, the series was renewed by NBC for a second season of 13 episodes, which was originally set to premiere on Tuesday, March 8, at 10:30/9:30c, but later revised to Wednesday, March 9 with back-to-back episodes after The Voice. It will then premiere in its regular timeslot Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 9/8c



    I heard he was getting a 2nd season and NBC was gone fast track it, due to very positive reviews. But this is a very pleasant surprise. Im hyped for this. Bout to watch the 1st episode now...

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    A few weeks ago I got tired of a close female fried telling me I'm too alpha. Saying that I'm always super macho. Always trying to hide when I'm sad about something, I need to show my softer side more often, etc etc. She thinks us alphas all have a bit of insecurity within us. She got this super fabulous hand bag(gay best friend) that she always kicks it with. I used to poke fun at him every now and then. Or I would leave every time he came around. One day she told me how rude that was and I was insecure or some shit. Her hand bag was helping set up this big ass gay parade they be having over in San Francisco. She was going out there to support him. So I said "fuck it!, you think I'm insecure around faggots? No I'm not, I just don't feel comfortable around that weird shit. I'll go with you to the gay parade and help y'all set up!!!" Long story short, I overheard some trannys talking about hormone pills and growing titties. My potna got some lil A cups. I started fucking with her and told her that she needed to go holla at them trannys.

    At this point, I got to thanking about all this stuff they got out there to manipulate genes and physical traits. They couldn't have made all this for people with mental illnesses(dudes who want to be/think they women). Because it's not an actual cure, it's just making the shit worse. It's catering to the illness instead of trying to fix it. I did some research and I was right. This stuff is actually for women. It's for women who have issues with their breast, testosterone, hair, etc etc. But you have all these men that are off in the head using them. Not only that, when they are trying to impersonate a woman. They always over exaggerate major aspects of femininity. To a point where it seems disrespectful. Like they're doing a bad parody of the average female.

    It's really hilarious when you think about it. You got feminist out here going in on real men everyday over little insults and "sexualizing"(lol) them. Meanwhile you got dudes out here jacking treatments meant for women/making a mockery out of what it is to be female!!!!

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    My homeboy said he got it done and it was amazing. I ain't reply to him. What's y'all thoughts on it?

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    This spot called the Tuscan Market located north of Boston, the food was on point!
    Yall share your recent culinary experiences here.

    You're welcome

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    1. “Didn’t I (Say I Didn’t)”
    2. “Memories on 47th St.”
    3. “Rollin’ Like A Stoner”
    4. “Homewrecker” Feat. Weezer
    5. “Gorgeous” Feat. Syd
    6. “Heaven on Earth” Feat. The-Dream
    7. “Card Cracker (Skit)”
    8. “Down 4 Some Ignorance (Ghetto Lullaby)” Feat. Chief Keef & Joey Purp
    9. “Coffee & Cigarettes”
    10.”Wings” Feat. Pharrell Williams & Saul Williams
    11.”Heaven on Earth (Reprise)”
    12.”The Fire Next Time”
    13.”We Could Be Free” Feat. Ty Dolla $ign
    14.”Rage (Bonus Track)”
    15.”OMG” Feat. Pusha T (Bonus Track)

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  • 06/20/17--14:22: Big Brother Season 19

  • image
    Big Brother 19 | Meet the Houseguests:

    I'm gonna like Jessica.....


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  • 07/25/17--10:34: Top 5 underrated MC's
  • Name your top 5 most underrated mcs in all history.

    Mine are

    1. Az. He very skilled with a great discography. Same skill level of a Nas or Jay-z.
    2. Guru put out some of the best albums in hip-hop.
    3. CL Smooth. Great lyricist and has a few classic albums.
    4. Mc Eiht, killah discography. Great story teller.
    5. Black Rob. Made albums as good as any top tier artist.