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    Before u crybabys n white knights come in here this a players ball...its natural for men to be with alot of women

    I got one bitch thats caked car etc....but i want another side piece...i been using snapchat n other text locks

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    Ight bruhs...The CHAMP is back to son you niggas again.

    So I'm reactivating the league from last year (I'll send out the invites officially when I get home). Hopefully we have the same level of day to day participation that we had last year. (Btw idk if any of ya was ever bored enough to go back and read last year's thread, it was hilarious).

    Should be the same participants, except no Chitown to help @Beta try (unsuccesfully) to cheat his way to a win.

    @its....JOHN B

    Probably gon need 2 more participants...1 to fill Chitown spot and I dont remember who the last person was on the IC.

    Draft will be the last Sunday before the NBA season starts (Idk the date yet so don't start crying) but let's figure out a time.

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    The U.S. government ran a program for investigating reports of unidentified flying objects until 2012, the Department of Defense confirmed for ABC News.

    As first reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post, the once secret program was funded from 2007 to 2012. According to The New York Times, the DOD spent $22 million on the program.

    "The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ended in the 2012 time frame," the Pentagon told ABC News in a statement. "It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding and it was in the best interest of the [DOD] to make a change. The [DOD] takes seriously all threats and potential threats to our people, our assets and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed.“

    Secret Pentagon UFO program revealed

    According to initial reports, the program investigated years of reports of UFOs, and the program was funded at the request of now former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who has expressed interest in investigating unexplained phenomena in outer space.

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    Man if u were like me when u were younger u loved DBZ. This thread is for all those DBZ heads in here. If u have a fav scene or sum funny shit about DBZ post it in here

    Tell me this shit don't get u hype


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    Anyone checking for this new Wu joint? So far it's not bad. Production is tight. Feels more like a compilation than a real album though. Sean Price feature is sick.



    01. Wu-Tang The Saga Continues Intro (feat. Rza)
    02. Lesson Learn’d (feat. Inspectah Deck And Redman)
    03. Fast And Furious (feat. Hue Hef And Raekwon)
    04. Famous Fighters (Skit)
    05. If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation) [feat. Method Man]
    06. Frozen (feat. Method Man, Killa Priest And Chris Rivers)
    07. Berto And The Fiend (Skit) [feat. Ghostface Killa]
    08. Pearl Harbor (feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Rza And Sean Price)
    09. People Say (feat. Redman)
    10. Family (Skit)
    11. Why Why Why (feat. Rza And Swnkah)
    12. G’d Up (feat. Method Man, R-Mean And Mzee Jones)
    13. If What You Say Is True (feat. Streetlife)
    14. Saga (Skit) [feat. Rza]
    15. Hood Go Bang! (feat. Redman And Method Man)
    16. My Only One (feat. Ghostface Killah, Rza, Cappadonna, And Steven Latorre)
    17. Message
    18. The Saga Continues Outro (feat. Rza)

    Wu-Tang Clan - Pearl Harbor (ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA, Sean Price)

    Wu-Tang Clan - If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation) [feat. Method Man]

    Wu-Tang Clan - Frozen (feat. Method Man, Killa Priest and Chris Rivers)

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  • 02/28/13--15:05: Official PSN ID thread II
  • @1CK1S = br82186
    @2pacnbiggie = Sedp23
    @achewon87 = achewon87
    @AK.aPHillYisILL = AKaPHillYisILL
    @Bcotton5 = Smoke313
    @Beta = RiotheGOAT
    @big_chris67 = ChicagoFan
    @Black Boy King = YRNLforever
    @Boss Hogg Hustle = HustleMarsallis
    @Cigarello Slim = iGetsBiz
    @CONFLICT = Conflict769
    @Cutler 26 INT's LOL! = KingKoopah904
    @Dakari = STA-_-KID
    @dallas' 4 eva = Scumbag_Ran
    @dc's teflondon = dc_teflondon
    @deemula420 = Deemontana89
    @DNB1 = B-Luv21
    @dreadlock rasta = DreadzHanginLow
    @DrMindbender122 = Malevolence122
    @DWO = dusouljah
    @DUB = Almighty_Wone (PS3)
    @DUB = AlmightyWone (PS4)
    @earth two superman = Superman915
    @freshb651 = FreshBRIANT651
    @funkdocdamc = mdotcarter22
    @Genocidecutter = genocidecu
    @goodlookinout = VernonAve
    @GovernmentCheese = sohofresco
    @HustleTree = Hustletr3
    @icks86 = br82186
    @Indy8503HD = Indy8503
    @infamous118 = Infamousbtc
    @Ishi = TheOneIshi
    @J. Rob = JRob1125
    @JaDaDon = Black-Shadowz
    @jetlifebih = jetlifebih
    @John_Blazini = Blazini81
    @joseph sun = josunvs
    @joshuaboy = poor_me_one
    @JUXcaptainHOOK = Juxington
    @Kame = KameOn1ne
    @KamPushMe = ChuDaGawd
    @kanggoodie = LILGOODIE07
    @Karl. = biggyboykarl
    @KillaCham = KillaStaXx
    @KillaKam = KiiiaKam
    @King Erauno = t0psh0tta424
    @KingHustle = KingE0522
    @kingofkingz = boywonder953
    @KnowReasonForPeace = Ochojames
    @kzzl = FatMacBrbn
    @lazypakman = lazypakman_OG
    @Leon Sandcastle = HustleMarsallis
    @Like Water = Water_Gates
    @LordZuko = SpectreLeopard
    @Lou_Cypher = jsum907
    @m. inferno = Brother718
    @mdizzle9000 = Mdizzle18700
    @memphis2sacnicc = SacTownVet82
    @Michael_Malice = icecold777
    @MikeydaGawd = Mikeydagawd34
    @MSG Da Mecca = Kneegro_Duperman
    @Mr Popo = Mdub99
    @MrSoutCity = BossTotos
    @NinoFresco = Planes412pitt
    @nujerz84 = nujerz84
    @numbaz...80's baby = Numbaz86
    @ocelot = dwiggle2005
    @Omega_Conflict = Conflict769
    @onetoughmiracle = onetoughmiracle
    @ovoCapo = greezytdot
    @Paprika = PaprikaGMO
    @Peanut_205 = HNIC_Peanut
    @Phantom Pain = CrispyMcBuckets
    @PimpMVP = da1mvp
    @playmaker88 = Relentless_won
    @prada_g24 = kinggrace23
    @PSN-Canibuss = Canibuss & Pastor-Perv
    @rated r = dodirt123
    @Recaptimus_Prime360 = darkmatter365
    @renagade410. = renagade410
    @sapp08_2001 = sapp08_2001
    @shadb33 = alleyboy202
    @Seansosa = Seansosa
    @silverfoxx = SilverfoxxETO
    @Sion = sion-b_13
    @So ILL = Seaux_ILL
    @Stew = hlfza
    @StillDreaming = broadrivr
    @T-Rel = Merciless_Rell
    @TayGettem = Gettem_9ettem
    @the_r_ = The_R_
    @TheBossman = TheImmortalReese
    @The Douce = TheDouce89
    @The Lonious Monk = celestial_soulja
    @The Jackal = Jerome6023
    @The Prodigalson = Prod1galson
    @TheIraq = theiraq818
    @themadlionsfan = Osirus313
    @TonyDubbz = DubbzADamnFool
    @[Trillmatic] = emjaycee83
    @vageneral08 = B-Mack24
    @vagrant-718 = Vagrant718
    @VIBE86 = VIBE8610
    @vince_vince = cenzo24143
    @ya boi g = YaBoiG
    @Yamoley = Yamoley
    @young fatal = dachucktaylor1
    @will grimey = TreFoTopShotta
    @Will Munny = TimRiggins07
    @wmj710 = Wmj702
    @WorlBoss = greezytdot
    @ZydecoShawty = ZydecoShawty

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    Training camps are underway and preseason has begun.

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  • 12/15/17--10:07: Death Row vs Wu-Tang
  • Vote Or Die!!!

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    i unno what the rules are around this bitch so ima put it in a spoiler...

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  • 12/19/17--10:13: Nas vs Jay
  • Last one before the site shuts down who you got?

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    From now on, feel free to post every hilarious/stupid/shameful spelling mistake made in Reason threads in here

    I'm proud to headline the #HOS '16 class

    Nah Son wrote: »
    The way he performs makes him look seriously retarted
    AggyAF wrote: »
    Nah Son wrote: »
    The way he performs makes him look seriously retarted

    Word my nigga?

    This one is classic:
    supergangster wrote: »
    That song is rly good but it really get me when his sons call his father "Schitzo" on the track.. Lmao I changed song emediltly. Wtf?

    I'm not even mad at this one cause it does sound like a word. But it isnt
    leftcoastkev wrote: »
    What's even more halirious is the story behind when he tried to come to San Fran woofing that shit and barely made it up outta there.

    Mixing up "rapping" with "raping" is a repeat offense on the Reason. Shockingly this doesnt only happen in 5Grand posts on some rap or get raped shit
    270crownst wrote: »
    How u raping on ye's joint...and say shit dumb shit like....I'm doing something in atlanta....
    blackgod813 wrote: »
    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    blackgod813 wrote: »
    Lauryn hill unplugged

    That's not a rap album.

    She most def is raping her ass off in songs on some next level shit
    blackgod813 wrote: »
    Is he playing on this or is he actually like raping for real?
    Preach2Teach wrote: »
    One of the best hip hop tracks ever made, Nas was raping like no other and Premo made one of his greatest beats, a true masterpiece.

    We gotta do better

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    Well what are you guys listening to these days ??

    This is what I currently got on repeat:




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    We all know the IC Talent subforums are dead so I felt it would be a good idea to have a thread on producing in the Reason. I know there's a few out there that produce or rappers looking for production so in this thread we can network, discuss, share tips etc.

    Here's a good facebook group for finding samples:

    anyone can join it^

    And to kick things off, what are your top 10 producers and why?

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  • 01/01/12--04:22: The Official Boxing Thread
  • Here's to hoping 2012 was as great as 2011 for the sport of boxing!!!

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    Fuck that nigga Chi Town. Don't derail this thread with your constant bitching

    What y'all niggas doing this weekend?

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    And then u wake up like " who tf was that?"

    Like a good friend or a s/o other

    And you've never actually seen this person in real life but in the dream it made sense?

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    Steven Spielberg once said that he does "Movie Orgy" every now and again where he will watch several films in over a week's time. Well I recently did this thanks to Redbox and Blockbuster express where films are only a Dollar. From April 6th to 16th over 10 days I watched 18 films, here are the movies I watched, mind you I haven't seen any of them

    The Hunger Games (Theater)- C+
    Captain America B-
    The Hangover II- C
    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- B+
    Thor- C +
    Contagion- B -
    The Killer Elite- D
    Hanna- B -
    Green Lateran- C +
    J. Edgar- C -
    In Time- C
    The Adventures of Tin-Tin- B -
    Real Steel - C +
    Drive - A
    Colombiana - C+
    Zodiac (Finally finished Ficher's Whole catalog) - B +
    Vantage Point- C +
    Gone Baby Gone- A

    It was pretty cool to catch on on so many movies I hadn't seen. Overall, "Gone Baby Gone" and "Drive" had the most impact.

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    Before u crybabys n white knights come in here this a players ball...its natural for men to be with alot of women

    I got one bitch thats caked car etc....but i want another side piece...i been using snapchat n other text locks

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    Kenan and Kel or should I say Kel and Kenan
    And u gotta watch Kenan cuz.......


    Kenan be scheming

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